Swimming Pool Leak Detection and Repair

Our experienced pool leak detection team provide accurate pool leak detection services within Pretoria, Centurion, Krugersdorp and Johannesburg. We use advanced leak detection methods and technologies. During the pool leak detection process, we examine and test a swimming pool's suction, return line, weirs, light fittings and pool's structure. We know exactly what to look for and which questions to ask for a complete examination on your swimming pool. Once we have identified a leak our swimming pool repair and renovation services can assist in the repair of the leak.

Do you suspect your pool has a leak?

Sure telling signs

  • If you continuously topping up with water. 
  • Does our pool cleaner stop after few minutes when you start pool pump
  • Wet, mushy spots in the lawn

If you suspect your pool is leaking you have come to the right place. We are experts in leak detection and repairs. Call us today on 072 649 2500






Swimming pool services

We build new, renovate  and repair marble-lite and fibre-glass swimming pools for clients within Pretoria, Centurion, Krugersdorp and Johannesburg.  

We assist our client with all swimming pool requirements such as.

  • Marble-lite and fiberglass swimming pools
  • Swimming pool renovations and repairs
  • Swimming pool leak-detection and repairs
  • Pool products and installations - pool heat pumps, filters, solar panels, lights

We adhere to strict building standards and regulations to guarentee lasting swimming pools.

We have vast knowledge and competent in renovations and repairs of marble-lite and fiberglass swimming pools. We guarantee great quality in our products, materials, finishes and solutions. There is hardly anything that we cannot help you with. 

Swimming pool renovations 

Our renovate services

  • Resizing
  • New copping
  • new mosaic
  • new marble-lite or fiberglass



Swimming pool leak detection & repair

Our repair services 

  • Structure 
  • Pipes
  • Pumps
  • Filters



Do you want to change the shape, dept, relocate, resize, fix cracks, install new wiers or lights(LED) or remodel. We are experts in pool renovations and can help you with all swimming pool renovations and repairs like new copping and/or new mosaics, plus our speciality in both marble-lite and fiberglass swimming pool linings.


Marble-lite swimming pool renovations

We can add a few more years to your swimming pool’s life, by renovating it. Marble-lite being one of the most durable of the pool linings, marbe-lite comes in a variety of colours, the most popular being white, sky blue and charcoal.


Fiber-glass swimming pool renovations

When swimming pools have cracks in its lining, we recommend it be fiber-glassed, since it clearly has a lot of movement weakening the concrete shell. We use fiberglass materials which is thicker, 50% more dense and at least twice as strong as the 300 g/m sq mat. 

  • Customization in unique shape
  • Non-slippery
  • Porcelain mosaics

  • Surfaces become rough over time
  • Algae is able to attach itself to mable-lite easily
  • Chemicals mismanagement can lead to discoloration

  • Requires fewer chemicals
  • Non-porous
  • Less algae growth

  • More slippery
  • Have a higher acidic level

Our service also includes the installation of piping, pool pumps, sand filters, sand changes and/or filter changes.





Swimming pool renovations                                                                                                                                        

Pool resizing and modification or total reshaping 

Many people wonder if they can change the depth or shape of their swimming pool. For example, you don’t want it to be a diving pool anymore, but you’d like it to be shallower. Or perhaps you would like to shape out the stairs with a more modern look. It’s all possible.

Removal and replacements of current copings

The stone or concrete material that surrounds the edging of your swimming pool, plays a big role in its overall charm and safety. Options available are poured-in-place concrete, pre-cast concrete material, tiles or natural stone (pavers, flagstone etc.). We can renovate your existing coping or give you an entire new look.

Removal and replacements of current mosaics

If your pool is looking tired and worn, it most likely would do with some new mosaic linings. From mosaic and geometric designs to realistic rustic stone look-a-likes, there are a variety of elegant patterns available.




Steps building a swimming pool

We would like to share the systematic steps we take in creating your beautiful new poolscape.

1. Swimming pool design

All our clients will receive a 3D animated design before construction begins. These are very realistic and allow you to see all the details of the design and enable you to make any revisions or improvements if necessary.

2. The swimming pool layout

The dimensions of the swimming pool design are layed out onto the proposed site area. This truly helps to physically see the outlines of the actual size and shape of the pool. Before the ground is then actually excavated, the client can make changes if necessary.

3. The excavation of the swimming pool

The site is then prepared for the pool construction by excavating the grass, underlying soil and possible rock.

4. Forming and steel

Steel and wood are used to form a solid foundation for any home. This is also used to form the shape and structure of your swimming pool. It serves as the framework for the poolscape and contains high structural integrity.

5. Electrical and piping

The pluming and electrical components are then installed. We ensure that the plumbing is pressure tested and the electrical components meet the necessary regulations.

6. Concrete

This stage is quite awesome. The Gunite is applied by using high-pressure hoses to create the tough inner shell of your new swimming pool. It’s great to see the Gunite concrete applied and worked onto the forming structure. It’s like a real-time vision of your dream pool coming to life.

7. Tiles, coping, mosaics

We have a variety of choices that can be used for the final finishes and linings of your swimming pool, such as natural stone tiles, slates, ceramics and mosaics. The coping can be crafted from limestone, brick, cement or an assortment of other materials. We go to great lengths to monitor quality during the installation process to ensure that the final finish is done flawless and built to last.

8. Marble-lite and fibre-glass

Marble-lite and fibre-glass is applied onto the concrete and requires a quick, experienced and hard-working team to smooth the surface to assure a beautiful finish. The swimming pool is then filled with water. 

9. Start-up and training

The initial start-up and maintenance of your swimming pool can leave you overwhelmed. We will however, train you on how to use the controls of the pool equipment, as well as a manual that explains how to easily take care of your pool. But we will be available to answer any questions.



10 reasons on how you will benifit from installing and building a pool:

1. Encourage family time

Building a pool will make lasting memories as you teach your children to swim, play with them in the pool or simply barbeque with friends and family around a fun and relaxing space.

2. Create an outdoor resort at your home

A well-designed swimming pool can turn your backyard into an elegant outdoor oasis, because with all the beautiful features  and other unique amenities it becomes an inviting centrepiece.

3. Throw a party

It becomes such a great way to entertain. Invite your friends and neighbours over for a poolside barbeque or a simple cool-off.

4. Start-up and training Stay healthy and lose weight

You can spend time exercising in your own pool, without having to spend money on going to a gym. Swimming provides an excellent total body workout with low risk of injury.

5. Unwind and relax

After a long day at work, the pool becomes a wonderful escape to take a quick dip in. It’s the best way to relax and get rid of stress. You’ll also sleep much better.

6. Increase the value of your home

Your property becomes more attractive to prospective homebuyers and according to recent studies owning a pool increases the property value by as much as 15%.

7. Stay cool

You can beat the summer heat by lounging in the cool waters and save on the air conditioning bill.

8. Keep an eye on your kids

You can give your children and their friends a safe and convenient place to hang out! This can help you in knowing who your children’s friends are and keeping them close by.

9. Save some money

It’s easier to finance and maintain than most people thing. And in the long run, they are less expensive than big family vacations and other entertainment options.

9. Long lasting fun

It’s a great investment that will reap rewards for a lifetime. A vacation, a movie, or a visit to a theme park will all come to an end, but a pool will be enjoyed by your friends and family for years to come.